Our resort is near the Greek-Roman site of Tyndaris

Tyndaris is the site of an ancient Greek settlement founded by Tindaridi; there are also important traces of the Roman colonizers of the centuries that followed.

The remains of the city walls lead the visitor to the greek amphitheatre with a stunning view of the Aeolian Islands and Cape Milazzo acroos the Tyrranean Sea.

This lends a magnificient natural scenography, especially at sunset for the Greek Classics and other events performed during the summer.

A giant pine- tree stands guard on the archeological area: the upraised Basilica, the baths and the mosaics representing bulls, fish as well as the Trinacria later to become Sicily’s national emblem are also great interest.

The small museum has been very well restored recently (2005).

Oleanders, olive groves, ginestra with its yellow bloom make this an area of natural beauty. Tindari is also an important destination for Pilgrims devoted to the cult of the Black Madonna.

According to the local legend a woman with a child in her arms on seeing the black Madonna exclaimed: “How ugly she is at the same time the child started falling down towards the raven below but at the mother%u2019s plea for forgiveness the Madonna saved the child by creating the salt lakes and soft white sand – the Marinello lakes and beach – which can be admired from the square facing the Sanctuary, a wonderfull sight. Another interesting feature of Tindari is an inscribed plaque of a poem by Salvatore Quasimodo when he was far from home: ‘Vento a Tindari’


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